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LARES Tutoring Schedule

Let our tutors help you virtually or in-person! Schedule an appointment by e-mail.

Please note that all tutoring sessions for Chemistry and Math will be held via Zoom or in-person during the Fall semester. English tutoring sessions take place via Zoom, telephone, or email; the delivery method will depend on the student's individual needs. As a friendly reminder, tutoring sessions are held during the hours posted below. E-mail our tutors for more specific instructions.

All tutoring services are free to UIC students unless otherwise specified.

Fall 2022 Tutoring Schedule

Subject Professional Tutors Fall and Spring Semester Tutoring

Dr. Terry Mankus

Tutoring Days & Times:

Fall 2022
In-Person: M, W | 2:30pm-4:45pm
Virtual: F | 2:30pm-5pm (e-mail tutor for link)

Group Tutoring - No individual appointments available.

Tutoring available for the following courses:
• MATH 090
• MATH 110
• MATH 121
• MATH 125
• MATH 140
• MATH 141
• MATH 165
• MATH 180
• MATH 181

Dr. Mitzi Ramos

Tutoring Days & Times:

By Appointment Only.
No Drop-In Available

Fall 2022
In-Person or Virtual: T, Th | 12pm-5pm

E-mail to set up an appointment.

Tutoring available for:
• Writing Assignments
(Any Subject & Any Level / Any Stage of the Writing Process / Spanish & English Writing Assignments)
• Personal Statements
• Cover Letters
• Resumes / CVs
• Tutoring sessions available in Spanish

Dr. Jose Ortiz

Tutoring Days & Times:

Fall 2022
In-person: M, T, W, Th | 11am - 4pm

Group Tutoring. No individual appointments available.

Tutoring available for the following courses:
• CHEM 101
• CHEM 122
• CHEM 124
• CHEM 130
• CHEM 230
• CHEM 232
• CHEM 234