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Academic Skills Program (ASP) English Courses

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ASP 084: Research Poster & Presentation Workshop for LARES Students

  • Are you interested in developing your research skills?
  • Would you like to present your very own research studies at academic and professional conferences?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, consider taking advantage of the LARES ASP English course taught by Dr. Mitzi Ramos!


This supplemental instruction is designed to provide you with the tools and strategies needed to become a successful college student.

ASP 084 Research Poster & Presentation Workshop Archive Heading link

We invite you to browse our research archive to view our students’ research posters throughout the years.

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For more information-

Contact: Heading link

Dr. Mitzi Ramos

Instructor / Professional Tutor, LARES

Check out what LARES ASP English students have to say!

I continue to use many of the skills I learned from this ASP course in my professional career.

ASP 086 Alum

This class not only helps freshmen, but it also helps all other student get the extra help needed in subjects they are struggling in.

ASP 086 Alum

Having the one-on-one help is great because it makes the student comfortable enough to approach professors for help.

ASP 086 Alum

Having the opportunity to have a professor like Dr. Mitzi Ramos was a blessing…Dr. Ramos was very understanding and readily available to help.

ASP 086 Alum

I am a 1st generation college student who came from an inner-city school that did not prepare me for college. I came in not knowing what to expect or how to even achieve my goals. Having a faculty advisor to guide me throughout my research & also mentor me through my first year of college allowed me to grow as a student & an individual.

ASP 087 Alum

Prior to this ASP course, I was not very interested in research mainly because it intimidated me. I felt that only professors could create research. Thanks to my professor’s guidance, research no longer feels that foreign. Thanks to this course, I was actually able to see myself as an academic.

ASP 087 Alum

The LARES ASP research course provides its students with the opportunity to develop essential analytical, writing & research skills which they’ll come to use in both their academic & professional careers.

ASP 087 Alum

I was able to get accepted into the UPPF program thanks to having done 2 research posters in this ASP course. This really helped my application since my GPA was not the most competitive.

ASP 087 Alum

As a graduate student, I have more confidence in my work because I had the right guidance when I learned how to conduct my own research.

ASP 087 Alum

I have landed 2 internships which have both required me to do some kind of research. By having this experience under my belt, my supervisors were much more confident in my abilities & repeatedly told me how impressed they were with the fact that I conducted my own research at such an early stage of college.

ASP 087 Alum