LARES Undergraduate Student Book Voucher Application

Fall 2021: Applications for the LARES Book Voucher are now closed.

The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Latin American Recruitment and Educational Service (LARES) program provides LARES students who have demonstrated financial need with an opportunity to apply for a book voucher. The book voucher is designed to help students purchase textbooks needed for the semester. Funding is limited and book vouchers will be awarded based on financial need until funds are depleted.  If you are struggling to pay for your textbooks, apply quickly before funds run out.

Please note:

  • This voucher is for use only at the UIC Bookstores located at 750 S. Halsted St. (east campus) and 828 S. Wolcott Ave. (west campus).
  • This voucher is a one-time use credit and must be used at the time of the purchase. 
  • Any unused voucher credit will be credited back to LARES.
  • Purchases that exceed the total credit of this voucher (up to $500) are solely the student’s responsibility. LARES will not be held liable for any charges greater than $500, which is the maximum amount authorized for this voucher.

For more information, contact Iliana Miranda at

Apply here!