LARES Students Testimonials


Gerardo Salinas

I came to UIC in 2016 and I faced many challenges of being a student, including the barriers that came with being legally blind. Through the support of the LARES program I was able to face those challenges and now I celebrate my degree and two minors with them. I really encourage anyone facing challenges to come to LARES to get help that they need. When we have programs like LARES everything is possible to achieve!

Gerardo S.

Bachelors of Latin American and Latino Studies

Minor in Political Sciences and Disability Human Development, Class of 2017


Bachelors of Science Nursing, Class of 2017

“LARES has assisted me in achieving my goals by welcoming me into their family and offering me financial and mentoring guidance.”

Diana J.

Bachelors of Science Nursing, Class of 2017



“LARES wants me to be successful! They are dedicated to the greater over 40 years good of our community and knowing that there are people at UIC that care about me is truly inspirational.”


Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry, Class of 2018